Chantal Grevers

Chantal Grevers. Dutch painter. Graduated from Art Academy Haarlem-Leiden in The Netherlands. Collective exhibition in New York, International Art Fairs like Art Market Hamptons, New York, Brussels, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Miami.

Contrast brings color to our lives

Chantal Grevers creates an imaginative representation of natural landscapes. A natural splendor that, however, also feels somewhat threatening. A geometric shape offers shelter. The artist uses contrasting colors that play with light and dark, friendly, and scary, fantasy and realism.

Contrast is what makes us develop and grow

Light is born in contrast with the dark. No understanding of happiness without having been unhappy. Contrast gives perspective, creates, makes. Place yourself in this world of contrasts to feel and appreciate its energy. Become part of the fantasy of the work, fill in the space that is left open by connecting your own experiences and emotions to it. In this way artist and spectator create comfort and peace for each other.

Chantal Grevers