About ART_020: artfairs, exhibitions and home gallery

ART_020 represents a unique collection of curated art by award winning artists who live and work in the Amsterdam area. The vibrant local art scene of Amsterdam harbours a great number of interesting painters, sculptors and photographers, from emerging to well acclaimed, whose talents may not always be known outside The Netherlands. It is our mission to create an international stage for the best Dutch contemporary art through exhibiting at international art fairs and exhibitions around Europe.

We will be excited to show you our selection of the most intriguing and inspiring works by these Amsterdam based artists. As these works were selected with great care through artists’ studio visits, and can usually be offered at still affordable prices, we trust we have something interesting to offer for all art lovers, whether they are collectors or simply share our passion for contemporary art.

If any of the works shown on our website should interest you, please let us know, so we can send you complimentary entrance tickets and welcome you at our stand during the next art fair. If that should not fit your schedule, we would be happy to set up a visit or help you acquire the work of your choice at your convenience. In the meantime, please stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter.

NEW: home gallery

In addition, we have learned in Corona times that there is also a strong interest in our artists from within The Netherlands. We have used our home gallery in a 17th century canal house as a hospitable setting to give our clients inspiration and a better sense of how art can hang in your own home. You can make an appointment to browse through the ample art that is hanging, standing and in our inventory accompanied with a good cup of coffee or glass of wine. All in a more accessible, comfortable and low-key atmosphere than the traditional gallery setting.

Location ART_020 on Keizersgracht 636 A Amsterdam.

Check here where can you see our art in real time.