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Unfortunately we had to decide to postpone the exhibition – scheduled to open on November 12th – to further notice, due to the new RIVM regulations. However we understand that despite of this, the interest and desire to enjoy art is stronger than ever!

Therefore and we have developed an alternative plan:
you can view the artist’s work by appointment on two locations; at ART_020 where you can enjoy a limited collection of all artists represented by us.
Alternatively, we can set up a visit at the artist’s studio, which is a special experience at itself.
If you live outside The Netherlands we can send you a video of the artist with the work(s) of your interest, allowing you to see the artwork from all directions.

Please find the link to the catalogue here with the available works of art.

Drop us a line indicating your interest and we will get to work!

AAF Brussels art fair
Postponed to September 10-13
(pre-ordered tickets will be valid in September)

Tickets for VIP opening: Register here.
Tickets for the fair days 11-13 September: Register here.

Please consider supporting the artists. You can now view and purchase the works planned for postponed AAF Brussels on line in this catalogue.

AAF Amsterdam art fair

28 October – 1 november

Tickets for VIP opening on 28 October 18 – 22 hrs and other time slots.
Please click here for complimentary tickets with code:G-ART020VIP

Exhibition: Launch of ART_020 @ Circle Gallery in Amsterdam

12 – 15 November

Please click here to download your personal invitation.