Isabel Ruys

For Ruys, sculpting is a constant search for beauty. Isabel thinks aesthetics is a very important aspect of life.

She therefore does not make her images to address a social problem, but as a search for beauty in the sense of aesthetics, sensuality and emotionality, things that can give depth and joy to everyday life.

As a 20-year-old she visited the National Museum of Athens and was deeply moved by the images she saw there. Not only because of the classical Greek statues, but above all because of the simplicity and expression of the small Cycladic statues made of marble from Naxos.

She feels the best feature about her sculptures is that they are three-dimensional, touchable and in case of the use of Albaster have the added beauty of translucency. The stones and wood she utilizes for it have already come a long way in nature and time adds a dimension to the image. It is as if she thereby cooperates with nature, which itself is inexhaustible in its beauty.